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Weskus Tourism together with Darling Outreach Foundation and Hoekkraaltjie Farm hosted their 1st ever all-women tourism event on 24 March 2022.

The event was held at Hoekkraaltjie Farm, Yzerfontein.

The purpose of the event was to identify tourism opportunities for women, to understand the value tourism brings to local communities, and to empower and inspire women’s entrepreneurship. Guest speakers at the event were Noli Mini who is the owner of Bespoke Luxury Spa Gems, Relax Spas, which operates in Cape Town, Dubai, and Sub Sahara Africa, and a member of the Women In Tourism Western Cape. Noli has a passion for the tourism industry and women empowerment and thus she is also a motivational speaker.

“understand your values, purpose, and vision. It should align with the people you do business-, or want to do business with”

We were also joined by the only san culture and educational center in Sub Sahara Africa, Museum Curator Ms. Magdalena Lukas. She focused on !Khwa ttu's offerings and the importance of understanding heritage, and culture, but also the conservation of cultural heritage.

Other speakers included West Coast District Municipality, the development department with the keynote address on tourism opportunities and the tourism value chain.

Hoekkraaltjie Farm was asked to cater for the event, and of course Quail was on the menu!

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