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Farm2Fork Exchange_SA Chefs Academy

Another successful Farm2Fork Exchange as SA Chefs Academy returns to Hoekkraaltjie for a second time on 17 November 2021. 17 Students and 2 lecturers all got to enjoy the best of the West Coast and spend a day out on the farm!

From foraging for fresh, seasonal wild ingredients to tasting great locally produced Gin and a spread prepared by the team, this was an Exchange to remember. 

Support local. Eat good, nutrient rich food. Thrive!


Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

Bottings, The Fruit Alchemists

Bee's Choice Honey (Western Cape Beekeeping Association)

Darling Gourmet Mushrooms 

Darlington Gin

Hoekkraaltjie Farm

Hoekkraaltjie_Farm2Fork_Silwood_Local Producers

Khwa ttu
San Heritage Centre

The day started at Khwa Ttu San Heritage Centre, with a foraging experience.

 They learned about the indigenous SAN people and their culture, the medicinal and culinary uses of various plants growing in the area and got to enjoy a Wild tea Tasting.

Exec Chef Werlise also prepared various local eats for the students to try.

Delicious! | +27 (0)22 492 2998

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Khwattu_Farm2Fork Exchange_SA Chefs Academy

Bee's Choice Honey
Nick Hitge

Nick Hitge is Committee Member with the Western Cape Beekeepers Association that is responsible for Honey and Forage.

Students learned about beekeeping basics and got to taste 6 different honeys, all locally and completely organically produced.

(Apple, Lucerne, Wild Flower, Eucalyptus, Karoo Fynbos & Avocado) | +27 (0)82 463 3296


Darling Gourmet Mushrooms

Koti van Tonder is a local female farmer based just outside Moorreesburg toward Darling.  

She gave an overview of basics to luxury mushroom farming, and students enjoyed some of Koti's deliscious mushrooms to taste.

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Hoekkraaltjie Farm
Deboning & Egg Peeling

Hoekkraaltjie Farmer, Johan Burden kicked off with a tour of the farm, followed by a raffle drawing allowing 6 students to partake in either deboning or peeling an egg for a prize! Such a great opportunity to be able to teach students what we do. | +27 (0)83 571 7959

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Bottings, The Fruit Alchemists

Bottings sponsored their delicious marinades & cordials for the students to try:

Strawberry, Balsamic & Black Pepper

Pineapple, Vanilla & Chilli

Thai Green Apple

Grapefruit & Lime cordial.

We prepared quail drumettes using the bastings and welcomed the students with a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail. | +27 (0)71 357 2782

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Darlington Gin

What a way to end a day?

Ida Opperman introduced students to Darlington Gin - the true Spirit of Darling.

Students go to smell and taste the various herbs and spices, Kukumakranka and also each had a homemade Gin Sorbet.

mmm... | +27 (0)72 338 4778

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Hoekkraaltjie Farm

The students got a taste of farm life.

Understanding of where your produce and meat comes from greatly influences your food decisions.

The importance of chef students learning good farming practices in turn educates the consumer dining at their establishment. | +27 (0)83 571 7959

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Hoekkraaltjie Farm
The Lunch

Tracey and her team surprise and delight students with a taste sensation. The purpose of the spread is to introduce our Chef Students to the various possibilities with Quail, Goats Milk and the other great local ingredients available to them. 

Everything to develop their palate. | +27 (0)84 627 3458

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