Hoekkraaltjie Farm is the largest producer of Quail meat and eggs in South Africa. 

Our product range consists of jumbo whole quail to semi-boneless (deboned) birds, including gourmet specialties like crowned breasts, drumettes, livers, rendered quail fat and stuffed deboned quails.

Our fresh quail eggs are hand gathered daily to be packed either as fresh or pickled with our famous secret recipe.


Hoekkraaltjie distributes throughout the Southern African continent, including foodservice markets and distributors, retail outlets, online health food stores, fine-dining restaurants, caterers and even butcheries in your area.

We also distribute to our neighboring countries. 

We are located along the West Coast Road (R27) just outside Yzerfontein, about a 45 minute drive from Cape Town.

The farm is home to over 22,000 Japanese Coturnix quails, a happy herd of Saanen goats, Black Angus cattle and pigs.

Various indigenous and exotic vegetables, herbs, shrubs and trees also call Hoekkraaltjie Farm home.

Our ethos revolves around producing quality products with the focus on growing our produce and raising our livestock in a way that is regenerative and compassionate on the environment, and contributes to our goal of conservation and climate resilience. We aim for nothing to be wasted and everything to be recycled into the farming and food eco-systems.

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Naturally repelling pests since 2021

Early 2021 we implemented the use of certain native and exotic flowering shrubs and herbs to aid in naturally repelling disease spreading insects and other unwanted pests.

This meant planting on various species of plants like Lavender, Rosemary, Mint and Lemongrass. Since inception, we've had an increase in Sugar Birds, Capensis Honey-bee and butterflies visit our farm.

The project has been very successful, with lots more to do!

With the use of Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) and various colored Tacoma Capensis, or otherwise known as the Cape honeysuckle, we aim to cover all our Quail Houses for better insulation and more food for our bees.

By end 2022, our goal is to avoid the use of any toxic chemicals and pesticides (as far as possible) to take care of these pesky pests!


Our conservation efforts

Conservation is the heartbeat of our operation, and regeneration and sustainability promoted in every project.

The farm is located in a Private Nature Reserve, surrounded by natural splendor and a rich biodiversity of reptile and amphibian species, birds, mammals and plants.

Various mammalian wildlife which also call Hoekkraaltjie their home includes, Steenbok, Duiker, Caracal, Honey Badger, Cape Fox, Bat eared Fox and Cape Grey Mongoose. 

We have been in contact with the Western Cape Beekeepers Association, for keepers to establish hives on our farm to sustain populations of wild plants and crops and to support most biodiversity and ecosystem functions in our area.

We now have hives located on various parts of the farm, supplying healthy organic honey to the local market and providing skills development opportunities for Next-Generation-Chefs with our Farm2Fork Exchange Program.

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Hoekkraaltjie is the largest farm-raised quail meat producer in South Africa.

We are the only major supplier that currently supplies the hospitality and retail trade industry with Jumbo and Deboned Quail.

All our animals are fed a high quality diet.

No routine antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.

Our quails are slaughtered in a registered and ICSA (Islamic Council of South Africa) accredited Abattoir.

We personally do all processing to ensure the best possible quality of all our meat products. 

Jumbo Quail_SA Quails

Jumbo Quail

Jumbo 205 - 250 g p/bird

  • 4 Jumbo Quails p/pack

  • Whole, bone in

  • Vacuum Packed

  • Sold Frozen

New Yorker Quail_SA Quails

New Yorker Quail

New Yorker +/- 250 g p/bird

  • 4 New Yorker Quail p/pack

  • Whole, bone in, head & feet intact

  • Vacuum packed

  • Sold Frozen

Large Quail_SA Quails

Large Quail

Large 180 - 195 g p/bird

  • 4 Large Quails p/pack

  • Whole, bone in

  • Vacuum Packed

  • Sold Frozen

Whole Deboned Quail_Hoekkraaltjie

Deboned Quail

120 - 135 g p/bird

  • 4 Deboned Quails p/pack

  • Semi-boneless

  • Vacuum Packed

  • Sold Frozen

Small Quail_SA Quails

Small Quail

Small 130 - 165 g p/bird

  • 6 Small Quails p/pack

  • Whole, bone in

  • Vacuum Packed

  • Sold Frozen

Drummets_SA Quails

Drumettes / Drumsticks

Drumettes +/- 20 g each

  • 24 Drumettes / Drumsticks p/pack

  • Bone in.

  • Vacuum Packed

  • Sold Frozen

Hoekkraaltjie_Fresh Eggs_3.jpeg

Fresh Quail Eggs

+/- 10 g p/egg

  • 18 fresh Eggs p/box

  • Packed by order

  • Keep @ 5°C, use within 4 weeks

Hoekkraaltjie_Fresh Pickled Eggs_2.jpeg

Pickled Quail Eggs

+/- 10 g p/egg

  • 15 boiled eggs p/bottle

  • 24 bottles p/box,

  • Packed by order

  • Keep @ 5°C, use within 6 months

Goat and Lamb.png

 The Hoekkraaltjie herd consists of 38 Saanen goats who lazily graze our plains and get to enjoy fresh, organic foliage.

Our goats are milked by hand twice a day. All milk is pasteurized and processed on the farm.

Average Milk Protein 2.7% & 3.2% Fat


Fresh Goat Milk

Chevre Cheese | Feta Cheese


All our cheeses are made from 100% goat milk with no added flavorings or preservatives. Orders are prepared per order. 

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