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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Small town, BIG hearted locals!

On 18 March 2021, the Yzerfontein Sandwich Project kicked off!

Originally initiated by Marilize Erasmus and Tracey-Lee Rall, with the purpose of donating Hoekkraaltjie Quail Stock Bones and getting the local prayer group’s hands dirty!

Contribution invites were sent out on short notice. Collection was that evening for delivery the next day, and the response was enormous.

The starting goal was to donate 25 loaves of peanut butter spread sandwiches and at least 15 bags of apples per week.

The project later evolved to locals and local businesses making daily contributions towards the project.

Janine Young jumped on board and ran with the project. With her influences in local business in and around Yzerfontein and involvement with Yzerfontein Notice Board, we soon had lots more contributions flying in!

Today, the Yzerfontein local and business community are helping Die Nessie to feed about 1,500 to 2,000 people per week.

Donations of more than 1,000 sandwiches, fresh produce, Easter eggs and treats, over 300 bags of apples and other dry and canned goods have been made.

Our two largest contributors, Fontana Takeaway's and Gretchen and the girls from Blue Square Pottery Studio, has made sure that we surprise Louise Barends and her team with Maize Meal, Soup Mixes, dry goods, various canned goods, pastas, soups and spices all to be used to prepare their pre-planned meals.

The purpose of the Yzerfontein Sandwich Project was not to be a once off event, but weekly.

The consistent local contributions have been fundamental to sustainably support Die Nessie, and the outcome inspirational.

This has proven to be a fun project with many locals getting creative! Every bit of support matters, and the donations are making an immeasurable difference, not only for the children, but in the hearts of our locals.

The Project:

Contributions are delivered daily to any of the volunteers or project coordinators, where they are collected on a Friday morning and delivered to Die Nessie, Darling.

Die Nessie (Darling Outreach Foundation):

Die Nessie is a Feeding Programme that provides nutritional and wholesome meals to the rural community, of Darling, experiencing hunger and malnutrition. Along with the feeding programme, they create safe spaces for learners to receive academic and psychosocial support.

For more information on how you can get involved, please follow the below links:

| About Die Nessie | - | Donate | - | Contact | - | Darling Trust |

Yzerfontein Sandwich Project donations can be delivered to any of the project coordinators before 07h30 on Friday mornings.


Marilize Erasmus - +27 82 323 8176 (Country Café & Deli @ Haus of Décor, Yzerfontein)

Tracey-Lee Rall - +27 84 627 3458 (Hoekkraaltjie Boerdery)

Janine Young - +27 81 453 7714 (Express Logistic Solutions)

Local Business Volunteers:

Gretchen Arnot - +27 82 567 4940 (Blue Square Pottery Studio)

Rosana Gomes - +27 84 516 3353 (Avon Sales Leader)

Elzanne Groenewald - +27 73 005 1101 (Tiny Bubbles Pet Parlour)

Henriette Griebenow - +27 72 599 7849 (Kamma Mamma Playgroup)

Derick Nell - +27 82 413 3552 (Yzerbru)

Other local businesses involved with Darling Outreach Foundation:

Evita se Peron - Evita's Crafters

Marmalade Cat

Author: Tracey-Lee Rall

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