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Mustard Mayo Potato Salad with Quail Egg
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Mustard-Mayo Potato Salad with Boiled Quail Eggs

5 servings | prep: 15 mins | cook: 20 mins


  • 6 medium sized potatoes / or 1 kg baby potatoes, 

  • 12 halved Hoekkraaltjie Pickled Quail Eggs,

  • half cup finely chopped onion, 

  • half cup fresh coriander & curly parsley, 

  • salt & pepper.



  • 15 ml rice wine vinegar,

  • 15 ml yellow mustard,

  • 125 ml mayonnaise,  

  • 80 ml sour cream,

  • 30 ml Milk.


  • Cook potatoes and peel. Chop peeled potatoes. (If you are using baby potatoes, cut them in half, and use them with or without skin)

  • Mix all dressing ingredients together in a mixing bowl, 

  • Let chopped onions rest in cold water for approx. 10 minutes to tone down the raw / pungent taste, 

  • Mix all dressing ingredients in a separate bowl, 

  • Add all ingredients together.

Best enjoyed prepared1 to 2 days in advance.

Creamy Mustard-Mayo Potato Salad with Bo
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Our Free Range Quail Eggs:

  • Fresh (1 Dozen | 12 p/pack)

  • Pickled (15 eggs p/bottle)

all our eggs are hand gathered and processed on the farm.
also available in bulk at various wholesale and retail outlets. 

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Quail eggs are so versatile and yummy!

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